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Formulation service

We are stronger in pesticide formulating. Along with advanced equipment, leading technique and experienced experts, we farmlord can supply diverse formulations such as WDG, WP, SP, SC, SL, EC, WS and FS etc.
Registration service

A team assigned for registration in our company supply professional registration service. Majoring in crop protection, they are familiar with the stipulations on registration. With much experience, they always make registration data carefully and attentively.
Technology support and consulting service

We have advantage on technology especially on formulating. Our technology authorities and experts act as consultants whenever our customers have any problem on agrochemical and crop protection.
Sample service

Sample customization is one part of our quality service. In general, samples are available within 2 days and our clerks will send them to our customers as quickly as scheduled.
After-sale service

Excellent service represents in every period of sales especially after sale, which make each deal with our customers carried out successfully.