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Quality is the life of farmlord Agrochemical.With respect to that,we have an efficient QC lab equipped with advanced equipments. We have very strict inspection procedure to analysize products before shipping. According to <Pesticide registration materials regulations >, the related pesticide products physical and chemical parameters and determination methods etc. shall be submitted for the technical support for the evaluation of its safety. Related safety management regulations will be established to guarantee the safety of production, processing, packing, storage, transport, sales and use.

Besides,as an enterprising company,we set up Our registration department.They are familiar with the registration requirements of different countries and have full sets of registration data of many products. And we have registered many pesticides in many countries and areas. Besides the registration department, our company also sets up a market research sector which constantly keeps an eye on the chemical market, collects and shares the relative information with our partner company, thus to offer guarantee to the company's sales improvement.

At farmlord, we carry our high standards into the actual warehouse to guarantee our customers a high-quality product, farmlord  take pride in each and every product we offer you.

We hope you enjoy firsthand, the quality found in all of our products, and we will continue to work diligently to be your reliable pesticides company in the future.