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Bifenthrin is used regularly as an insecticide to target red imported fire ants. Other target species are aphids, worms, ants, gnats, moths, beetles, grasshoppers, mites, midges, spiders, ticks, yellow jackets, maggots, thrips, caterpillars, flies, and fleas. It is often used in orchards, nurseries, and homes .
Agriculturally, it is registered for use on greenhouse ornamentals and cotton. It is used extensively on some crops, including corn. Roughly 70% of all US-grown hops and raspberries are treated with Bifenthrin.
Bifenthrin is chemically classified as a pyrethroid. It is a waxy solid, with a color ranging from an off-white to a pale tan, with a slightly sweet odor. It is mostly insoluble in water. Commercially, it is available as emulsifiable concentrates, wettable powders, granules, flowable concentrates, and pellets. Bifenthrin is not naturally synthesized.
Bifenthrin tends to bind tightly with soil. In soil, it has a half-life of 7 days to 8 months, depending on soil type and aeration

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