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Aluminium phosphide
Aluminium phosphide is used as a rodenticide, insecticide, and fumigant for stored cereal grains. It is used to kill small verminous mammals such as moles, and rodents. The tablets or pellets typically also contain other chemicals that evolve ammonia which helps to reduce the potential for spontaneous ignition or explosion of the phosphine gas.
As a rodenticide, Aluminium phosphide pellets are provided as a mixture with food for consumption by the rodents. The acid in the digestive system of the rodent reacts with the phosphide to generate the toxic phosphine gas. Other pesticides similar to Aluminium phosphide are zinc phosphide and calcium phosphide.
Aluminium phosphide crystallizes in the cubic zinc blende lattice, wherein all atoms have tetrahedral coordination. Related materials crystallize similarly, including GaAs. At pressures of 14-17 GPa, AlP transforms into a rocksalt phase .
Aluminium phosphide has a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs scale.
Aluminium phosphide reacts with water or acids to release phosphine.

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