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farmlord Agrochemical was been built over 19 years. farmlord Agrochemical is one of the leading agrochemicals manufacturing enterprises in China.As the company established we had successfully managed the trading business of agrochemicals in China.Also we own our laboratory(Testing Center) .
We deal in agrochemical and corresponding equipment, including inseticide, fungicide, herbicide. We have advanced technology and many sets of excellent equipment, such as enamel reactor, rotary extruder, centrifugation machine, fluid machine and jet mill, wet crushing mill, screw extruder, rotary pelleting machine, boiling pelleting machine, sponging granulator and ball crusher which can synthesize high quality technicals and process SC/FS, WG/DF products in different specifications.Products range from herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other products.  Our products have been sold over many countries including Middle East , Africa, Southeast Asia and South America . With our nice cooperation, our customers become the best suppliers of agrochemicals in their local markets. We have done complete study about crop growth season, major agrochemicals, registration and management policy and channels of distribution in various countries. Through years of efforts and development, we can supplier more than hundred kinds of products with stable quality, which are effective, safe and very popular agrochemicals and have good reputations in the world market.
Our company aims to add value to enable clients to operate in a simpler, more efficient, more cost-effective and secure way in every business sector. We respect every customer's choice and make the win-win cooperation with customers for them through systematic analysis and research. We aim to be your business "partner" devising solutions for all customers distribution needs by combining our core competencies to create new products and services.
Today, farmlord is well known as a young and booming company and a modern and active company. With quality products, best prices and excellent service, farmlord sincerely hopes to develop long-term business relationship with clients from all over the world for mutual benefit and looks forward to cooperating with you for a bright tomorrow.